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Now It Gets Interesting

Yesterday, the Illinois Democrats shut down efforts in the legislature to come up with a special election plan to replace Blago. The “fix” is in — get rid of Blago and have the Lt. Governor, a Democrat, pick the replacement. No risk of the voters picking a viable Republican candidate (which there is, for a change, in Illinois).

But here is the hitch: Blago won’t resign. (Not without getting something for it, right? Golden.) So they have to impeach him. But U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald threw a monkey wrench into that by asking who is going to testify and suggesting that might interfere with his prosecution. Blago remains and the Senate seat remains empty.

Will the Democrats blink and agree to an election or will they try to hold tight, leaving the seat empty until Blago can be  forced out one way or the other? It is a predicament. Unless, you want to concede that removing the stain requires an election be held. It will be interesting to see how long the Democrats can hold out.