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O, Mighty Warriors

We seem to be heading towards another major blowup between Israel and Hamas. Hamas has announced that it has ended its “truce,” and is ready to fight to the bitter end with Israel.

It is elucidating to hear these blowhards’  braggadocio, and try to reconcile it with their actual deeds.”Every Palestinian is a potential target of Israeli crimes,” Hamas officials said. That sounds tragic . . . until you remember that every single person in Israel already is a target of Hamas. There’s no “potential” involved, especially when it comes to the rockets and mortars routinely fired into Israel. Indeed, Hamas often times the firings to coincide hours of high civilian exposure, such as when schools are starting and letting out.

As Laurence Simon points out, while the leaders of Hamas talk tough about their willingness to become martyrs, they don’t act overly eager. They have a history of making their public appearances surrounded by women, children, and other innocents to make Israel hesitate before pulling the trigger.

As an exercise, consider what would happen if Israel were to use the same tactic. If anything, Hamas would be more motivated to attack and rejoice in the greater body count.

While global organizations routinely condemn Israeli action, no one is interested in viewing Hamas’s tactics through the lens of international agreements. For how could Hamas sympathizers continue to defend the targeting of innocents –  a flagrant violation of international law? Such things simply don’t fit the accepted narrative of the brave, noble resistance warriors struggling for the freedom of their people.

The narrative is all. And facts that get in that way — pesky, stupid, inconvenient facts — need to be shoved under the carpet, if not rewritten.