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Ahithophel, on Michael J. Totten:

I know it was widely regarded as a disaster when the United States supported the elections from which Hamas emerged victorious, but I wonder whether it wasn’t necessary in the grander scheme of things to try the “Hamas way” before they could abandon it for good. Perhaps I’m being too sanguine here, but I’m hoping that the Palestinians in Gaza–or at least those who are honest enough–are learning that entrusting yourselves to a group like Hamas leads invariably to disaster. Sure, you can elect a ragtag band of murderers and terrorists–but you will suffer the consequences.

As long as Hamas was not in power, its firebrand thugs could claim that they would have defeated Israel *and* made the trains run on time. They could pose on the one hand as expert warriors and on the other as compassionate providers for their people. There must be some Palestinians right now who are witnessing how hopeless Hamas is against the might of Israel, and some who are none too pleased to see the wives and children led up the stairs over the Qassams and Grads on the first floor.

So, yes, it seems presently that the Palestinians are caught in the grip of a collective insanity, and some will never see reason. But perhaps when all is said and done, the great majority will have seen that Hamas could follow through on neither of its two basic promises. Perhaps, in a sense, they had to try Hamas’ way before they could really give it up. The people of Iraq eventually saw through the claims of the jihadists there. Dramatically different circumstances. But perhaps a glimmer of hope that the Palestinians too will learn that deals with the devil lead nowhere but hell.