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Yay, Sanjay!

According to reports, Barack Obama will name CNN’s chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta as surgeon general.

There is one important reason to applaud Gupta’s forthcoming appointment: following Larry Summers, Gupta will be the second member of the incoming Obama administration to have forcefully – and very publicly – taken on the far-left.  Back in 2007, Gupta fact-checked Michael Moore’s Sicko, airing a segment on CNN in which he concluded that Moore had “fudged” some of the facts.  Later, Gupta debated Moore on Larry King Live, challenging Moore’s contention that healthcare in Canada is free (“You pay for it through taxes,” Gupta said) and taking Moore to task for idealizing the Cuban healthcare system.

Read the transcript of Gupta’s takedown of Moore, or watch the video on YouTube.  And, most importantly, enjoy the forthcoming backlash on various far-leftist sites.