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Richard, on Jennifer Rubin:

Transparency hasn’t been a strong suit of the Obama team, so I’m skeptical when I hear him talk about transparency of the stimulus package. And no earmarks? Yea, right. Congress will call his bluff on this one. They will load it with pet projects that they will claim are “shovel ready”, and dare him to veto the entire package. Earmarks are to Congress what water is to fish.

I want Obama to succeed, not because I’m a fan, but because the failure of his administration has dire consequences for all of us. But trying to boil the ocean like this isn’t the recipe for success. And his relationship with Congress is off to a rough start, which means the legislation they produce won’t be what he wants. But I’m afraid he’ll be forced into signing it for political reasons.

In a battle between Congress and the Obama administration, I’ll bet on Congress. Which causes me great concern for any stimulus program Pelosi and Reid put forward. The GOP needs to propose a simple alternative, led and dominated by tax cuts and investment incentives, and without the New Deal type programs Obama seems determined to implement.