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J Street Cowers

Well how is the unanimous vote on the very pro-Israel Senate resolution going down with the Juicebox set? Not well, to say the least. Glen Greenwald (no relation to the Good Greenwald) has gone into a tizzy over the Senate’s resolution. The depth of his disdain for Israel and of the support it traditionally enjoys from the U.S. is revealed:

It’s hard to overstate how one-sided this resolution is.  It “expresses vigorous support and unwavering commitment to the welfare, security, and survival of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state with secure borders.”  Why should the U.S. maintain an “unwavering commitment to the welfare” of a foreign country?  It “lays blame both for the breaking of the ‘calm’ and for subsequent civilian casualties in Gaza precisely where blame belongs, that is, on Hamas.”  It repeatedly mentions the various sins of Hamas–from rockets to suicide attacks–but does not mention a single syllable of criticism for Israel.  In the world of the U.S. Congress, neither the 4-decade occupation of Palestinian land nor the devastating blockade of Gaza nor the ongoing expansion of Israeli settlements even exist.  That may not be mentioned.

Yeah, how wacky is assigning responsibility for the violence to the Hamas terrorists who lobbed 6000 shells into Israel? How odd to express sixty years’ worth of bipartisan commitment to the survival of the Jewish state! At least the facade that he and his ilk are “pro-Israel” has been demolished: He is plainly opposed to anyone who is.

Greenwald asked J Street for comment on the Senate vote:

Earlier today, I asked them for their position on the Senate Resolution and, just now, this is what they sent me:

“Since the first days of the crisis in Gaza, J Street has consistently called for strong American leadership to reach a ceasefire that ends all military operations, stops the rockets aimed at Israel, institutes an effective mechanism to prevent weapons smuggling into Gaza, and lifts the blockade of Gaza. Since J Street’s founding, we have consistently advocated for active American diplomacy to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We support Congressional action that endorses these aims.”
That statement–by design, I would guess–is unclear in the extreme.  It seems intended to imply–without actually stating–support for the Congressional Resolutions.  They say they “support Congressional action that endorses these aims,” but–conspicuously–they don’t actually say whether the Resolution passed by the Senate and to be passed by the House does so.  It’s hard to see how either of the two Resolutions could be deemed to do so, given that neither even mentions, for instance, a lifting of the blockade of Gaza.  But that’s the statement J Street issued.

So J Street doesn’t have the courage to say what it thinks of the Senate resolution. To reveal its true take–that the Senate unanimously rejected the entire worldview of J Street–would be to reveal that J Street is irrelevant and out-of-step with the entire political establishment. To offer clear praise for the Senate would be to reveal themselves as hypocrites. So they hide under a blizzard of words, crouching behind pablum. It’s good to know what intellectual cowards look like.

As for Glenn Greenwald, he’s done everyone a service by accurately portraying the degree to which the Juicebox set and their pet advocacy-group abhor support for Israel and lack the courage to come clean.