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To Thine Own Self Be True

Everything you need to know about Hamas and Israel:

Israel has acceded to pressures and announced that it will suspend its military operations in Gaza for three hours every other day to allow for humanitarian relief.

Hamas has been stealing those humanitarian supplies from relief agencies and selling them to citizens under its rule.

Meanwhile, the world is leaning heavily on Israel to accept a ceasefire, while no one seems to be talking to Hamas. That doesn’t prevent them from speaking out on their own, though:

In a possible sign Hamas was unwilling to compromise yet, a senior Hamas official in Syria, Mohammed Nazzal, told Syrian TV on Thursday that the group would never surrender and vowed to fight house to house against Israeli troops in Gaza.

Gotta love that AP style: “a possible sign Hamas was unwilling to compromise yet?”

There is an unspoken understanding that Israel is known to be civilized, so it is likely to be amenable to pressure to cease firing. Hamas, however, is simply too savage and brutal to even warrant attempts at negotiation.

I don’t like the results, but I can’t fault the reasoning. The evidence supporting it is overwhelming.