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Flotsam and Jetsam

More lobbyists are heading to the Obama administration. Change? Whatever.

President Bush correctly surmises that it was an error to try social security reform right after the 2004 election, a political miscalculation that doomed chances for immigration reform.

I don’t often recommend reading the The Nation - but I heartily suggest you read all of this hilarious riff on Princess Caroline.

Meanwhile Governor Paterson is getting quite huffy: “‘So I would ask the question back: Why do you all pay so much attention to her? She’s just another person. So what? Her name is Kennedy. Why do you pay so much attention to her? I’m not reacting to what I think, I’m reacting to what I see,’ he said. ‘But, on the other hand, her lack of elected experience does not help her, but the point is it’s the combination of experiences I’ll look at in terms of all the candidates, and also how balanced the ticket would look,’ Paterson added.” Some pretty brutal blind quotes as well.

A joint op-ed on Israel by Reps. Eric Cantor and Steny Hoyer concludes: “Like most Americans, we identify strongly with Israel’s ongoing, elusive quest to achieve peace and security in a dangerous part of the world. We recognize that by arming and training Hamas, Iran has made this latest Israel-Hamas war a key front in its effort to remake the region in its own radical image. America would never sit still if terrorists were lobbing missiles across our border into Texas or Montana; and just as we assert our right to defend ourselves, Israel has every right to protect its own citizens from the implacable foes on its borders. Support for Israel in her time of need, from both Democrats and Republicans, is not just the logical choice. It is both a strategic and moral imperative.”

Andy McCarthy is right: Eric Holder’s conduct in the pardon of the FALN terrorist is shocking. “We’ve heard a lot the last few years from Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats about how shameful it is for an Attorney General to ‘politicize’ the Justice Department; to buck the views of professional, career prosecutors; and to engage in “secrecy” by withholding from Congress the administration’s deliberations on important policy matters.  Were they serious?” No, but they should be — and President-elect Obama should be thinking hard about whether Holder — in the era of Bill Richardson, Blago, etc. — is the right person at Justice.

The nominee for Secretary of Labor isn’t saying much of anything. Maybe this is a good thing — the easier it’ll be later on to dump bad ideas like card check legislation.

The culture of corruption is spreading. You have to look deep into the article to find out she’s a Democrat, but the Baltimore mayor  who indeed is a Democrat has been indicted on multiple counts of bribery and theft.

Haley Barbour makes a whole lot of sense, expresses himself well and has a track record of organizational success. Is there some reason he’s not running to head the RNC?

President-elect Obama is still in favor of dumping “don’t ask, don’t tell,” but it is the timing, you see, which is the hang-up. Hmm. Where have we heard this kind of talk before? Could it have been on the repeal of the Bush tax cuts? Might it be the new spin on card check? Later, later. (After the 2010 election? After 2012?) You wonder how long the Left is going to go along with this ploy.

With only a couple weeks to go, the Bush White House isn’t as leak proof as it used to be — as someone helpfully informs us which administration player took which position on this UN resolution. You’re not surprised Dick Cheney wanted to veto it, are you? (Or that the Secretary of Ludicrous Multi-lateral Deals wanted to agree to it.)

Rep. Marsha Blackburn hits on the right tone and strategy to combat the Democrats: “The President-Elect is learning how difficult Senate Democrats can be when you suggest that the taxpayer be allowed to keep just a little bit of their money. House Republicans have a support group for this and Mr. Obama is welcome to come by any time.” She’s following the triangulation strategy!