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A Kill-Lease Heal, on Jennifer Rubin:

“But if the President is serious about working with Republicans and not simply humoring them, he might take some of his former rival’s words to heart.”

Obama will certainly be taking his former rival’s words to heart – and then acting upon them. Regardless of differences in political affiliation/ideology and past differences; there seems to be genuine respect between these two men. There will certainly be many books written about these times and these two in particular in the decades to come. For now, rest assured that McCain’s opinions – no matter how contrary to some of Obama’s overall goals (or the arch-nemesis ultra-liberals so despised by contentionistas) – will be courted, respected and acted upon in almost all cases. Therefore, pending issues on foreign policy, Gitmo, Iraq will certainly have a McCain stamp on them before being finalized by executive order.

And… one more quick note. McCain is a favorite Republican of Democrats simply because of his friendly personality and centrist approach and willingness to find ideal compromises on many of the issues that confront us as a nation. McCain will always have more respect by dems and the population at large than a far more ideological man such as John Boehner for example (from my home state).