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And the Winner Is. . .

I eagerly checked the New York Times online ( I wouldn’t dream of paying for it) to see which lucky conservative writer would be the replacement for Bill Kristol, who completed his year of hard labor last Monday. Bloggers and print pundits had been buzzing. Would it be a neocon? A libertarian? A reformer or a party stalwart? Well, the Times, at least for now, has let us know all the conservative opinion which is “fit to print.” I duplicate it in full below:

”                                                                                               “

Yes, we get our Monday dose of Paul Krugman and Roger Cohen. But alas nothing more. Ah well, I suppose it’s less confusing and disorienting for the Times readers this way. But perhaps soon we’ll see a conservative voice there. The definition of “conservative” at the Times may be interesting, but I hope for the best. Until then, the Times readers remain safe in their cocoon.