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Game On

The president told his Big Labor supporters he’s in favor of the Employee Free Choice Act. Well, yes, he was in favor of going line-by-line through the budget too, so should we be skeptical? Arguments can be made on both sides in trying to divine how serious he is. (After all, would you put Joe Biden in charge of something you really cared about?) But I think all the “will he/won’t he?” chin-scratching by the political observers is a bit misplaced. Of course the Democrats will push this through and provide their Big Labor patrons with the prize — unless they don’t have the votes.

It comes down to whether those nervous Red state Democratic senators think their political health is at risk and whether Mitch McConnell can keep his troops in line on this one. What we know from observing the Obama administration in action for over a month is that there is no part of the liberal wish-list agenda it would willingly cast aside. Obama obviously has made a decision that now is the time to get it all, or as much of it as he can get. That may send a shiver up the spine of Red state senators but they may have to vote on this one.