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Scott McClellan Revisited

Jake Tapper runs circles around Robert Gibbs almost every day. And sometimes he strikes comedy gold. Today he went after Gibbs’s assertion that the Republicans have no ideas. He pointed out that they had given him ideas (which were rejected out of hand, but that’s another story) on the stimulus. Then Tapper swoops in for the kill:

TAPPER:  If the president incorporated some of — if the Democrats on Capitol Hill and the president incorporated some of the Republican ideas, Why would the president say the Republican Party is a party of no — no ideas?

GIBBS:  Well, I — I do think you’ve heard, certainly, recently a lot more criticism than you’ve heard suggestions.  I think you’ve — I think the obligation of anybody involved — I’ll quote my friend, Warren Buffett, again, that he certainly made mention of the fact that Democrats and Republicans, because of the gravity of the situation and the many challenges that we face, should work together.  I think working together would include sharing ideas on — on both sides of the aisle about what has to be done. There’s, you know, co-equal branches of government.  I think it’s important that everybody be involved in a healthy debate about the solutions that might surround a recovery plan and how to get our economy growing for the long term.

Huh? That’s what passes for intellectual argument from the White House press briefing room these days. No wonder they decided to go after Rush Limbaugh.