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Tapper vs. Gibbs

In another installation of the ongoing comedy series “Tapper vs. Gibbs,” Jake Tapper utterly befuddles the White House press secretary on a key point: why didn’t the administration think of this bonus problem before they gave AIG the last $30B? There are two possible answers. First, Tim Geithner messed up. Or, second, there is no conceivable way of depriving employees of contractual bonuses. If the first is correct, then we have yet another reason to dump Geithner. If the second is the case, then the current round of angry recriminations is — shockingly — disingenuous. I think I’m voting for the first. After all, did Geithner tell AIG to go back and renegotiate bonuses before receiving the money? For the answer, stay tuned to tomorrow’s episode of “Tapper vs. Gibbs.”

UPDATE: Further support for the first theory comes from Mitt Romney. Didn’t they ask the employees to forgo the bonuses? And you don’t even have to wait for tomorrow for the next moment of comedy gold.