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Re: The Community Organizer

Abe, what’s the opening line for the Obama groupies? “I know $3.6 trillion sounds like a lot of money, but. . . ” I really like, “Oh don’t worry about the $645B on healthcare — that’s just a down payment!” And of all the weekends to do this, don’t you think the timing is sort of bad to go representing the gang that couldn’t figure out how to keep AIG from giving away the bonuses?

There is an irony here. The country is filled with ground-up, somewhat amateurish political events. People who never got into politics are now out in force. They are of course going to “tea parties” to protest the president’s bailout-mania. So in a way the president is still inspiring his fellow citizens to take matters into their own hands and not let the Beltway Crowd run roughshod over the little guy. Unfortunately, he’s now “The Establishment” and lots of average citizens are mad as heck — at him and his policies.