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David S. Mazel, on Shmuel Rosner:

Gal-On has been mugged by reality. Good for her! I hope others in the peace camp are similarly attacked.

How many failures will it take for peaceniks to realize that it takes two sides to have peace? Not only must each side truly desire peace, but each side must have the means to implement it, support it, and maintain it. Peace is not unilateral. It cannot come from simple desires; it takes two. (For Israel it actually takes at least three: Israel, the PA, and Hamas, not to mention Europe, the U.S.A. and Israel’s neighbors.)

Israel is at a decision point with two urgent issues. One is Iran and the other is the peace process. When will Israel put an end (even a long delay would be good) to Iran’s nuclear program? That question will be answered soon enough; either Israel will take the action necessary or Iran will build its nuclear arsenal. Time is not on Israel’s side.

And Israel is at a decision point with the Palestinians: Should the peace process be dismissed for now until Palestinian leaders want peace and are able to deliver peace, or should Israel continue its futile process despite the present reality? The U.S.A. clearly wants to push the process, however, Israel is smarter than that. Even Gal-On sees that any peace process is foolish now and that Israel should wait. On that issue, time is on Israel’s side. Israel can wait and look forward to a future peace that will be worth implementing and that will be maintained. It’s not now though.

So, this is good news and good news is welcomed news. Mugging, as a metaphor, isn’t all bad, is it?