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Re: Both, Both, Both

Here’s some additional moral equivalence from our president, speaking in Turkey:

Obama ended his first overseas trip as president with an appeal to the world to put aside stereotypes and misconceptions: the view by many Muslims that Israel is to blame for all problems, similar views in reverse by “some of my Jewish friends.”

This is the oldie but goodie that sets up Muslim anti-Semitism as the mirror image of Muslim-hatred among Jews. If you keep going down this road, you’ll hear about how similar Jews and Muslims are in oh so many ways, from their dietary laws to their “pride,” etc. One of the internal contradictions of political correctness dictates that every culture is at once uniquely precious and also not very different from any other culture. But with the Free World increasingly inclined to demonize every defensive Israeli action, positing this kind of moral equivalence is profoundly irresponsible.

It’s baby talk. And it will not hasten peace between Israel and the Palestinians because it deliberately evades the truth. The Muslim world today is infected with a widespread Jew hatred for which there is no reverse phenomenon in Jewish populations. President Obama claims to be on a “listening” tour. If so, there is no shortage of voices willing to go on record. From the Iranian mobs who call daily for the destruction of Israel, to the majority of Israelis who favor the establishment of a peaceful Palestinian state. Obama himself, however, just admitted to having some very misrepresentative “Jewish friends.”