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melk, on Abe Greenwald:

There’s moral equivalence and there’s moral idiocy. No Jew here or anywhere else has sat in her synagogue on a Friday night and listened to her rabbi screeching about Death to the Muslims. And there are plenty of American and Israeli Jews allied with the Palestinian cause.

The President’s position is reminiscent of those who felt that we had gulags and political prisoners just like the Soviets did. Like Mumia, for example. And that Iran is just as terrified of an Israeli nuclear attack as the Israelis are in terms of Iran. Suicide bombers can only be motivated by barbaric Israeli practices. What else could drive people to such despair?

The IDF is just like the Wehrmacht except for the detail that the Palestinian population just keeps growing, unlike those sickly European Jews. Welcome to Bizarro World.

And Happy Passover to all our Muslim friends.