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Cloak & Dagger

A minor melodrama is playing out in Lebanon, in which Israeli spy networks have been falling like dominoes to the local security forces. The latest developments are in the Jerusalem Post. Are they true? Who knows — much of this could be Lebanese pre-election maneuvering and intrigue. But the details of the stories sure make it sound like something real is happening.

[Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad] Saniora said on Tuesday that he considers these recent events to be “very important discoveries” and lauded “the effort and the role played by the security services and the military, despite skepticism about them,” according to a report in Lebanon’s An-Nahar newspaper on Wednesday.

I’m sure many Lebanese — probably the overwhelming majority — feel a great sense of satisfaction that so many informants are being rolled up. I wonder if they also realize that the damage being done to Israel’s intelligence-gathering is only going to make the next round of war that much more destructive to Lebanon. The more Israel knows about Hezbollah, the less collateral damage is done to everything in Lebanon that is not Hezbollah.