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Flotsam and Jetsam

Democrats think it’s a fine idea to make Nancy Pelosi the face of the 2010 congressional races. Well, she’s a grandma and all. Rep. Pete Sessions, Chairman of the Republican Congressional Committee, thinks it’s a swell idea. I bet.

The car dealers strike back. Why did the government force the car companies to axe them? After all, these are independent businesses that can succeed or fail in the marketplace based on their own sales. Now, because of a government mandate (which violates state laws protecting franchisees), we will have tens of thousands more unemployed people and hundreds of boarded up dealerships in many towns and cities around the country. How do you like the new car companies so far?

James Capretta says the president’s healthcare letter made clear what he is up to: complete government control of healthcare. And how to pay for it? “Instead of making tough budgetary choices themselves, they are now hoping they can simply require some unelected, unaccountable advisory group — the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPac) — to find the savings for them.  This is the worst of all possible worlds. Call it the black box of government-driven rationing of care.  MedPac — or any other federal agency for that matter — would be working from the same laundry list of price-controls and fee cuts that Congress has always used to try to control costs in governmental health programs.”

Stuart Taylor takes the time to show, once again, what a liar Keith Olbermann is.

Chris Christie starts out with a double-digit lead in New Jersey. A long way to go.

Not so long to go in Virginia and Terry McAuliffe is struggling.

Ed Whelan makes a convincing case that Senators who voted for Sotomayor are not to be stopped from opposing her Supreme Court nomination. Goodness knows that Democrats who voted for Roberts and Thomas for their appellate court spots didn’t feel any qualms about opposing them for the Supreme Court. Thomas’s circuit court confirmation hearing was described as “uneventful.”

And he then catches Sotomayor cheerleading for the president, which judges aren’t supposed to do.

Democratic Senator Ben Nelson is troubled by the “wise Latina” remark. Wait until he reads the rest of the speech.

Bringing people together: Marty Peretz and David Frum are in sync on the Cairo speech. And Charles Krauthammer, too.

Rep. Robert Wexler was spinning so hard for Obama he tied himself up in knots and had to backtrack. It seems not even he is comfortable with the new Obama policy. Well, for one thing, it makes him look foolish with his constituents.

Charles Hurt: “Obama really buttered them up in Cairo. He thanked them for everything from algebra to the pen, though he curiously failed to mention that they often throw people in prison for using it. He even went so far as to tell the audience that he considers ‘it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.’ .  . And anyway, where exactly is that in the oath of office he took?”

The Obama Justice Department let’s it slip out — the Bush administration got it right on voter i.d. laws. There is no discriminatory effect.