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CK MacLeod, on Jenifer Rubin:

The climate change propaganda already reached the saturation/diminishing returns point last Summer, as evidenced polls that show people believe global warming/climate change has been exaggerated. People do want to believe they’re doing their bit for Mother Earth, but they also don’t want to believe they have to suffer widely: They sense a scam and the occasional fact that dribbles out casting doubt on the ecological doomsaying, on the hypocrisy of major eco-campaigners, and on the efficacy of pseudo-solutions does immeasurable harm. People notice, and 10 car ads and PSAs per hour aren’t going to change their minds.Even in the best of times, ecological hair shirts are a tough sell. The Dems need to go through the motions, at least, for a while longer – but even that will hurt them, since increasingly it will make them seem like out-of-touch losers.