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The Healthcare No’s

If there is some grand legislative strategy to produce health care in the near future, it isn’t yet apparent. We have many more “no’s” than answers. There is no single health-care plan from the administration. There is no agreement between Obama (yes, on the public option!) and Rahm Emanual (“We are flexible on it.”)

There is no love between Emanual and (What is Emanual doing, being flexible on the public option!?) There is no timeline to produce a bill this summer. There is no funding mechanism. There is no agreement on whether to make this a bipartisan effort.

Perhaps the president will discover his inner LBJ and knock heads to produce a deal. Maybe there will be a grand compromise on something that looks like a public option, but isn’t (or the reverse). But maybe, just maybe, time is not on the side of those pushing for a government-centric health-care system financed by massive new taxes in the middle of a recession. And maybe the public would be happier to have the president and Congress work on reviving the economy than coming up with a plan to make government and their tax burden bigger.