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The Obama Effect?

The president is on the skids, as Pete aptly explained. But his problems may be contagious.

Despite a new desperate ad in which New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine says nothing and stands reverentially next to Obama while a crowd cheers (presumably for the president), the governor now trails by 14 points in his race against Chris Christie. If things were not bleak enough for Corzine, Christie is now zinging Corzine for Moody’s rating of New Jersey’s credit outlook as “negative.” Prediction: Unless Corzine closes to low single digits, you won’t see Obama expend any political capital on this one.

And in Virginia, Bob McDonnell is pulling away; a second poll now shows him up by more than a dozen points. (The same poll had him up just six points four weeks ago.) And the other statewide Republican candidates have large leads as well. Again, is Obama going to help Democrat Creigh Deeds? Well, Deeds would first have to agree to be seen with him, a situation he has so far avoided.

Each of these races has a dynamic of its own, and the respective candidates have their own strengths and weaknesses. But to some degree, this development can been seen as a sign that voters, whose mood has soured on ObamaCare and big spenders in Washington, are registering their disapproval. November is a long way off, but it might be that in just a year, the electorate has decided they have seen quite enough of liberal government.