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Goldstone Report at the Security Council

The UN Security Council yesterday rejected Libya’s request to hold a special session on the Goldstone report. It nevertheless agreed to move up its Middle East meeting to October 14 and “focus on the war crimes report.” According to news reports, ”most of the council’s members were against discussing the report until the UN Human Rights Council reached a joint agreement on its recommendations on the topic.”

Think about that for a moment: Libya — which just welcomed the butcher of Lockerbie with great fanfare – is requesting a session to discuss the Goldstone report. This is what we’ve come to expect from the three-ring circus. And this is the organization, the exemplar of the “international community,” that Obama tells us holds common values and interests and is bound by a unified vision of a peaceful world. Uh, no. Not by a long shot. (One need only observe this scene to appreciate just how flummoxed the “international community” can be when some reality is introduced and the anti-Israel venom is rebutted.)

And that perhaps may be another reason the administration remains so mum. They’d rather not call too much attention to another embarrassing spasm of anti-Israel vitriol. If they just remain quiet, pawn the whole thing off on the UN Human Rights Council (on which Libya also sits), perhaps no one will remember what a farce, a dangerous and destructive one, it all is. But ignoring the Israel bashers doesn’t make them go away. It simply confirms that when inconvenient facts pop up, the Obama administration turns a blind eye.