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Jones Joins the 9-11 Truther Set

J Street’s conference next week has become a Rorschach test of sorts. More and more members of Congress are dropping out, having discovered just who will be speaking — such as this “poet” who finds Gaza to be another fascistic ghetto, complete with numbers written “on the wrists of babies.” And then there is the 9-11 “truther.” So Sens. Schumer, Gillibrand, Lincoln, and Cochran have bugged out, as have a growing list of congressmen.

But not the administration. The Obami are to be represented by National Security Adviser James Jones, who has no problem appearing on the same stage with those who wax lyrical about Guantanamo being Auschwitz and who find noxious any sanctions against Iran.

This of course is the gang who awarded Mary Robinson America’s highest honor. Hobnobbing with Israel bashers, therefore, is nothing new. But it does remind those who vouched for Obama just how misguided they were about his instincts and internal radar where Israel is concerned.