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Brown’s Victory Speech

“The independent voice of Massachusetts has spoken,” thunders Scott Brown. ” This senate seat belongs to no one person and no one party. This is the people’s seat.” This is the populist, anti-Washington voice that many in the GOP will emulate in November. As Brown thanks Sen. Kirk for “completing his work,” the cheer goes up: “Seat him now!” (The message is clear: enough with the political tricks.) Brown says his first call went to Ted Kennedy’s widow, and to the chagrin of many partisan,s Brown says he hopes to be a “worthy successor” to Kennedy. (He’s got a lot of Democratic constituents, so conservatives will forgive him the hyperbole.) He ran against the “machine” in D.C., he says (yup, populism is going to be big in 2010), but the people are the real machine. He’s advertising his daughters’ availability, teasing Obama about ragging on his truck, and challenging Obama to a pick-up game (with Brown’s daughter Ayla, a Boston College star, on the Republican’s team). Victory is fun and Brown is having a ball.

Brown is a telegenic candidate who just claimed a history-changing victory. He’s going to D.C. as a Republican rock star. We’ll see what he does with his opportunity.

UPDATE: He takes another swipe at Obama’s cracks about his truck. (“That’s where I draw the line!”) And he takes time to go after the Democrats’  health-care bill, which he says is not being honestly and fairly debated. He ticks off its many failings — Medicare cuts, the impact on the deficit, the special-interest deals, etc. “We can do better!” You can see why this candidate won.