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ObamaCare Terminal?

This report confirms the obvious—namely, that Obamacare is crumbling before our eyes:

As top Democrats cast doubt for a way to get health care back on track, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took one option off the table Thursday, saying her caucus doesn’t have the stomach to pass the Senate bill unless changes are made. “In its present form, without any change, I don’t think it’s possible to pass the Senate bill in the House,” Pelosi said. “I don’t see the votes for it at this time.  .  . ‘Unease’ would be a gentle word in terms the attitude of my colleagues toward certain provisions of the Senate bill,” Pelosi told reporters Thursday morning.

Perhaps someone should ask Pelosi whether there are enough votes to pass any permutation of ObamaCare. Meanwhile, Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to do something fast because who among the Democrats wants “to do health care in the next three months”? This, mind you, is their signature issue, which is so popular that it will rescue them from certain defeat in November.

Plan B was to delay Scott Brown from being seated. Plan C was to pass the Senate version through the House. What is Plan D? Maybe a stripped down, focused bill of the type Republicans have been suggesting for a year now. It would be a bitter pill for Obama and the Left to swallow but what alternative do they have? Or they might just leave the whole thing in the political ditch where it currently resides, move on to jobs and other issues, and have some hearings to study what to do about health care. Democrats like commissions so they can set one up for this.

Against all odds and with considerable legislative skill, opponents of ObamaCare are on the verge of a remarkable victory. If Obama is clever enough, he can figure out how to claim some face-saving credit. But really, there is no disguising this one: Obama’s signature legislative agenda item is on death’s door. Seems as though that death panel turned out to be the Massachusetts voters.