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LIVE BLOG: A Telling Moment

Obama rightly saw that the Republicans had scored a key point on the cost issue. So he described it as a philosophical issue (the first time around, he said Republicans had their facts wrong) and then restated it in the most unfair and lopsided way (paraphrasing): “Do we want a minimum level of insurance, or do we want people who can’t get decent insurance agreeing to just settle for whatever they can?” Yeah, right.

Really, this is what got Obama in the hole he is in. He doesn’t take seriously the real objections of his opponents and prefers to brush them off, with intellectual dishonesty if need be. You see, there is no evidence that people can’t get “decent insurance.” In fact, lots of people, especially the young and healthy, like high-deductible, low-cost plans. These ObamaCare would outlaw. And oh, by the way, so much for the promise that everyone can keep the insurance they have.