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And Now the Blood Flows

The headline reads: “Mideast Flap Hits Jerusalem’s Streets.” Another equally apt headline would be: “Obama Gambit Sets Off Palestinian Riots.” That, after all, is what is going on. The report notes: “Protests Tuesday moved the dispute into the streets, in the most widespread unrest in Jerusalem in years. Palestinian protesters, many responding to a call by the Hamas militant group for a ‘day of rage,’ hurled Molotov cocktails and stones, set tires ablaze and blocked roads.” And why might Palestinians think it opportune to revert to violence?  Well, perhaps the Palestinians — whose warnings of violence were never condemned by the U.S. — have figured out that the Obami are so desperate for those proximity talks and so alienated from the Israelis that now, anything goes. They can have violence and proximity talks. They can have America’s Israel-bashing and a new intifada:

“We are calling for the third Intifada to be sparked now,” said spokesman Fawzi Barhoum of Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, referring to Palestinian uprisings against Israel.

Peace talks are now in limbo, though U.S. officials said special Mideast envoy George Mitchell hoped to return to the region in the coming days. The diplomatic flap has plunged the longtime allies into one of the worst chills in relations in decades.

You see, in his frenzy to return to the peace process, Mitchell will now turn a blind eye toward the Palestinian violence. And the Palestinians know it. I wonder how the Axelrod-Emanuel-Clinton-Mitchell-Obama brain trust feels about its handiwork now?  It has, predictably, torn asunder the U.S.-Israel relationship and emboldened the proponents of violence — the worst possible result. But then this is the worst Middle East policy team we’ve ever seen.