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Clinton Plays Defense for Abbas?

I pointed out that during the AIPAC conference, Hillary Clinton suggested that the naming of a square after the notorious terrorist Dalal Mughrabi was the work of a “Hamas-controlled municipality” despite ample evidence of the involvement of Fatah. Now Palestinian Media Watch has taken up the issue, explaining:

Palestinian Media Watch has documented the continuous Mughrabi veneration by Abbas and the Palestinian Authority in recent years, both in connection to the square near Ramallah on the West Bank and in many other contexts. The following are 15 examples of the glorification of this one particular terrorist, Dalal Mughrabi. Five by Abbas himself, five by the Palestinian Authority or its leaders, and five by Fatah or its leaders.

You can read the list for yourself. Certainly the State Department knows of these incidents as well, yet Clinton singled out the “Hamas-controlled municipality” without tying Abbas or the PA to the incident.

So we come back to the eternal Obama inquiry: sloppy/incompetent or deceptive? Either way, as Palestinian Media Watch aptly puts it, when the U.S. fails to accurately pin “terror glorification” on Abbas and the PA, “the message to the Palestinian leadership is that it can continue with its incitement to hatred and violence without consequences.” And that is precisely the objection that Bibi and many have raised this week, namely that the Obami seem to afford every nicety, evasion, and excuse on behalf of the Palestinians, while clubbing Israel in public. Surely the message, then, to friends and foes well beyond the Middle East is clear: it’s no picnic being a “friend” of the U.S.