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Who Will Run Defending ObamaCare?

There are a number of polls out on ObamaCare. Democrats have seized upon a Gallup poll of all adults, showing a plurality favoring ObamaCare; Republicans point to other polls, showing a majority of voters oppose it. But this might be the most troubling of all for Democrats:

As Florida’s attorney general, Bill McCollum is suing the federal government to prevent implementation of the newly passed health-care plan. As a candidate for governor, McCollum may have found a popular campaign position.

Fifty-four percent (54%) of Florida voters favor their state suing the federal government to challenge the requirement in the new plan that every American must get health insurance. Thirty-six percent (36%) oppose such a lawsuit.

This was a state that Obama carried in 2008. By a huge margin voters not only don’t want ObamaCare but expect elected officials to sue the government to get rid of it. (Nationwide, 49 percent favor suing to get rid of ObamaCare while 37 percent do not.) That should be a warning sign to attorneys general and gubernatorial candidates as well as House and Senate contenders. And it raises an interesting question: which Democrats in competitive races will want to appear on the same stage with Obama, defending ObamaCare?