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RE: Krauthammer’s Takeaway

“This is, I think,” Krauthammer concludes, “a tribute to how radical is the Obama agenda. This is a spontaneous reaction to overreach. … This is an amazing, spontaneous phenomenon.”

I agree with Charles Krauthammer that what is going on is amazing, and with Peter that we have not seen the full effects yet by a long shot.

Curiously, I’m reminded of Henry VIII in a foul mood. The sovereign in this country (the people) are very unhappy with how their political servants have been handling affairs. When Henry felt that way, his servants quickly found themselves shorter by a head. We don’t send people to the block any more, but the sovereign can exercise their ultimate authority, should they choose to, by throwing the rascals out. It seems increasingly clear that they are choosing to do exactly that.

That’s why I think 2010 is shaping up as the most interesting midterm election at least since 1994 or, quite possibly, ever.

It might be noted that Obama’s ratings in the Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll have been in free fall the last few days. He was at -10 on Sunday, -13 on Monday, -17 on Tuesday, and -19 today, his lowest score since before ObamaCare passed. It might be just a statistical blip, of course. But then it might not be. It bears watching.