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Throwing Leaves on a Tomb

For someone who ran so successful a campaign, Barack Obama sure seems to have a tin ear for American politics.

How else can one explain his decision to take a vacation rather than attend the annual service at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington on Memorial Day? This will not bother his liberal friends, of course. David Corn asks, “does it matter if Obama throws some leaves on a tomb?” But it is likely to bother millions of average Americans — you know, the ones who cling to God and guns — and it powerfully reinforces Obama’s image as an American president who is fundamentally anti-American.

Obama’s poll numbers are tanking. Rasmussen has him at -22 today, his lowest number to date. Even Democrats like James Carville are beginning to beat up on him for his aloof, often arrogant ways. Doesn’t anybody in the White House notice how the public perception of the president is changing quickly for the worse? As any halfway competent public-relations man can tell you, once a perception gets set, it is awfully hard to change it.