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J Street Sides with Israel’s Enemies, of Course

In order to know how J Street is going to respond to any incident, you need only know what the Palestinian-UN (one and the same, usually) wants. And lo and behold, J Street tells us:

We urge that Israel immediately appoint a scrupulously independent commission to investigate the events onboard the Marmara and the decisions and circumstances surrounding the tragedy. We do believe that the government of Israel is capable of carrying out such an investigation but recognize its credibility is in doubt. Nothing but an immediate inquiry led by an impartial figure outside the government can produce a report that would be viewed as fair by Israel and the wider international community.

You see, Israel is denied the respect every other democratic country is afforded. J Street happily propounds the view harbored by those who seek the enfeeblement and destruction of the Jewish state that Israel is incapable of performing the functions of an ordinary government and is not a true democracy with ample checks and balances as well as self-scrutiny.

J Street’s recommendation comes right out of the Palestinian handbook: drop the Gaza blockade “of humanitarian and construction materials” (which J Street or the UN will determine, no doubt) and pressure Israel on a “two-state solution.” No need to point out the activists’ violence, Turkey’s and Iran’s roles, the terrorist activities and connections of those on board, or any other inconvenient facts. J Street (sometimes) says it’s pro-Israel, but it is not in favor of a robust state that can and will defend itself and maintain borders consistent with its historical and religious claims and security needs. The Israel that J Street favors is one that does not control its own affairs, does not deserve respect as a vibrant democracy, does not have defensible borders, and does not have the right to defend itself. And it sure doesn’t have Jerusalem as its undivided capital. In short, it is an Israel in name only, primed for destruction by its foes.