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Flotsam and Jetsam

Democrats seem to have lost track of what the electorate cares about. According to Gallup: “The Republican Party is preferred over the Democratic Party for handling the two top-ranking issues of public concern — terrorism and federal government debt. The Democratic Party is preferred by much wider margins for the environment and discrimination against minority groups — but these are among the least worrisome issues to Americans.”

Obama has lost Hispanic support. Again from Gallup: “Hispanics — and particularly Hispanics who appear to be more closely associated with Hispanic immigrants — have become increasingly disenchanted with President Obama this year. That said, it is important to note that in all instances a majority of Hispanics continue to say they approve of the president’s job performance, exceeding approval among non-Hispanic whites. While Obama has tried to show strong moral support for the idea of comprehensive immigration reform, his reluctance to expend any real political capital to make it happen may be taking a toll on his approval rating in the Hispanic community.” Voters expect more than rhetoric from Obama, which is a significant problem for someone who has gotten by on rhetoric.

Obama is losing the anti-war crowd: “A senior House Democrat likened President Barack Obama to former Vice President Dick Cheney over his handling of the war in Iraq. … Rangel blasted Obama for having stayed in Iraq to continue the war initiated by the preceding administration, accusing the president of being there for oil — a refrain leveled often by Democrats against Bush during the Iraq war.”

The Democrats may lose the governorship of a key swing state: “The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Ohio shows [John] Kasich picking up 47% support, while [incumbent Gov.] Strickland earns 42%.”

European leftists never lose the opportunity to attack Israel: “Two members of Germany’s ‘post-communist’ Left party, Inge Höger and Annette Groth, were on the Mavi Marmara last week and apparently used tax monies to fund their terror raid on Israel.”

Who’s the loser here? If unions and not corporations are the big winners, will Democrats knock off the efforts to curb the Supreme Court’s campaign-finance decision in Citizens United?

If it’s possible to lose more respect from the voters, this will do it: “If the time-honored tradition of the political meeting is not quite dead, it seems to be teetering closer to extinction. Of the 255 Democrats who make up the majority in the House, only a handful held town-hall-style forums as legislators spent last week at home in their districts. … With images of overheated, finger-waving crowds still seared into their minds from the discontent of last August, many Democrats heeded the advice of party leaders and tried to avoid unscripted question-and-answer sessions.”

Better to lose this one: “The Supreme Court said Monday it won’t hear arguments that Hillary Rodham Clinton is ineligible to be secretary of state because of an obscure rule about pay increases. The high court on Monday refused to hear an appeal by Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, without ruling on the underlying issue.” Obama would only get someone worse. (Or is that not possible?)