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Thirty Days to Go

Here’s a headline that should cheer conservatives: “Countdown to August; 30 workdays left.” Indeed, it should cheer all Americans, for that is not much time at all for Democrats to do any more mischief. A chunk of that will be taken up by the Elena Kagan Supreme Court confirmation hearings. This brings a smile to the faces of conservatives who have wrestled the Obama agenda to the mat: “How can the Senate expect to pull off an energy bill or even consider immigration when it’s paralyzed by bills that used to be a slam-dunk, like war funding?”

As the report notes, the unwillingness to do more legislating isn’t only on the GOP side of the aisle:

Driven by a White House that wants to keep racking up accomplishments, Reid continues to add big-ticket items to the Senate agenda — like energy and immigration — while fellow Democrats keep trying to take them off. President Barack Obama wants a quick confirmation for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, but he also wants an energy bill and a final deal on Wall Street reform. But with just 30 workdays remaining before senators check out for the August break, Democrats are fatigued, still have a health care hangover and are increasingly pessimistic about what can actually get done.

The short time frame should also please Democrats, who now must admit that much of what they have done up until now has been unhelpful to their political fortunes. Better no more “accomplishments” than another unpopular measure over which they will be attacked.