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Passport Fraud and Double Standards

The excellent British organization Just Journalism has a report out today comparing the remarkable calm with which the latest instance of passport fraud has been treated with the hysterics that followed the Dubai assassination:

An editorial published by The Guardian following the expulsion of an Israeli diplomat from the UK following the Dubai affair: ‘Israel and Britain: The rule of law,’ (24 March 2010) carried the sub-head, ‘The forging of British passports is the work of a country which believes it can act with impunity when planning the murder of its enemies’. The piece described the faking of UK passports as ‘the mark[s] of an arrogant nation that has overreached itself.’ In today’s editorial, ‘Russian espionage: Spies like us,’ in the same newspaper, the alleged use of a forged UK passport failed to even elicit a mention.

Well, that’s because in the current case the passport forgers are not Jews.

What would be far better than reports from interest groups, though, are some statements from Israeli political leaders, shaming Britain for its hypocrisy. Given the British media’s hyper-obsession with Israel, such statements would surely receive a great deal of coverage — coverage that would invariably have to deal with the question of double standards, rather than with imagined Israeli crimes. That’s why it’s important to seize opportunities to be the accuser instead of waiting around to play the role of the accused.