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Obama in Hot Water

The Democratic Public Policy Polling outfit has more bad news for Obama:

Barack Obama’s hit a record low in PPP’s monthly national polling on his approval numbers. 45% of voters approve of the job he’s doing while 52% disapprove. This is the first time he’s topped the 50% disapproval mark in our surveys. …

The two most troublesome things for Obama in his numbers at this point are his standing among white voters and independents. Whites now disapprove of Obama by nearly a 2:1 margin, with 62% giving him bad marks and only 35% saying he’s doing a good job. With independents his approval is just 40% and 56% disapprove of his performance.

Nearly four months after its passage PPP continues not to find any evidence voters are warming up to the health care bill. 40% of voters favor it while 53% are opposed, numbers actually representing a regression since a poll right before the final vote found 45% support and 49% opposition. That shift may be more reflective of the President’s declining popularity than anything having to do with the bill itself, but nevertheless it seems clear Democrats continue to lose the public opinion battle on the issue.

So much for the notion that Obama’s personal popularity could be harnessed to sell his agenda. And to add insult to injury, the polls tell us that an endorsement by Bill Clinton is more influential with voters than a nod from Obama. But the disappointment runs both ways there. I’m sure Hillary must be asking herself: How did I lose to this guy?