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J Street Can’t Help Itself

J Street more often than not (except on college campuses) says it is pro-peace and pro-Israel. Its actions suggestion otherwise. The telltale sign: its criticism is almost exclusively reserved for Israel and for critics of Obama’s Israel policy. A case in point:

J Street called for an investigation into American charities that fund Israeli settlement activity

J Street, the self-proclaimed political home for “pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans,” launched a campaign Monday calling on the U.S. Treasury Department to look into whether organizations named in a July 6 New York Times report have broken the law. The report identified more than 40 U.S. organizations that have collected over $200 million in tax-deductible gifts for schools, synagogues and recreation centers in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem.

Why is this a subject of any investigation — is there something at issue here other than a demand that the government investigate its political opponents?

But put that aside for a moment. Why doesn’t J Street call for an investigation of CAIR and of the government’s refusal to sever all contact with that group, some of whose officials have been indicted for terrorism? (It would make J Street’s endorsement of Joe Sestak, who keynoted for the group, a little sticky.) Why no call to investigate NIAC? Why aren’t the J Street “pro-peace, pro-Israel” types calling for an investigation of IHH and the Turkish government, whose support for the flotilla terrorists led to the death of nine?

Hey, if it really wanted to make sure no one is undermining the “peace process,” J Street could disclose the sources of its own funding, you know, just to make sure pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel folks aren’t using the group to push their agenda under the guise of a pro-peace, pro-Israel group.