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Not the Summer of Recovery

This was supposed to be the Summer of Recovery, according to President Obama. It sure doesn’t look that way, though. We lost 131,000 jobs last month. The only reason the jobless rate remained at 9.5 percent is because thousands more people dropped out of the labor force entirely.

The report is depressing in almost every respect, and it is very bad news for America. People are suffering a great deal.

This cannot be good news for Democrats; they were, after all, counting on a strong economy to blunt their midterm losses. Instead, the opposite is happening. The economy is alarmingly anemic. Obama’s policies are doing nothing to help — and a good deal to hurt — our efforts at recovery. All of the hope, all of the change, all of the promises have, at least for now, been washed away. They are a distant dream. And the public is rightly holding the president and Congressional Democrats responsible for what has come to pass.

The public is discouraged, frustrated, angry, and energized. They get a chance to express their views on all this on November 2.

It will be quite an outpouring.