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Someone Else’s Fault

Let’s see, now: on Friday evening President Obama, at an iftar dinner at the White House, gives remarks that everyone took to be an endorsement of building the mosque at Ground Zero (“Obama Strongly Backs Islam Center Near 9/11 Site,” read the New York Times headlines on Saturday). Then Obama issues a “clarification,” arguing that he was saying no such thing and that he “will not comment” on the wisdom of building the mosque there.

So Professor Obama and his team of high-IQ aides succeeded in upsetting just about everyone — on the right, to the center (with his initial remarks implicitly endorsing the building the mosque), and on the left (with his backtracking clarification). The president looks unprincipled and weak, as well as wrong.

Not bad for 24 hours.

My guess is that Obama’s supporters will soon settle on their response. They will blame this latest snafu on (a) George W. Bush, (b) our suddenly dysfunctional political system, (c) FOX News, and/or (d) the Tea Party. After all, this has to be someone else’s fault.

Doesn’t it?