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Up There with Rosie O’Donnell and Lindsay Lohan

Near the top of my “people I could do without hearing from or about” is Meghan McCain, the twentysomething daughter of Sen. John McCain. She is out plugging her book, which I don’t intend to read. If her interview with ABC is any guide, a good deal of the book is devoted to trashing Sarah Palin. She proclaims, based on her wealth of political experience and long years in office, that Palin’s selection was on the ”line between genius and insanity.” That’s a fairly rotten thing to say about one’s father. After all, Palin was his choice.

Her gripe seems to be that Palin caused “drama, stress, complications, panic and loads of uncertainty.” Yeah, like the stop-the-campaign/start-the-campaign exercise before the first debate. Like the stress induced by failure to come up with a cogent economic plan. Like the panic felt by the base during the town-hall debate when the candidate wandered around the stage like a doddering relative. Oh wait. That was her father.

Then there is this doozy:

“I feel like I should clarify. I wasn’t fired,” she said. “I was asked to leave and not come back, or go on my own bus tour. So I elected to go on my own bus tour in Ohio.”

She said she never called her father to ask about the dismissal, which was linked to the growing controversy over her blog.

“I was obviously upset because I had clearly done something to make people angry or irritated, so then I went on my own tour and it really ended up being amazing,” she said.

Dear, I know you haven’t had many (any?) real jobs, but you were canned. But smart not to call dad. I think it was possible that Meghan was causing too much “drama, stress, complications, panic and loads of uncertainty.”

All this reminds me of a point I’ve been meaning to make. The Clintons for their many and obvious faults raised a daughter who never embarrassed them and who was an asset in campaigns. They deserve credit for that. Not every political parent is so adept.