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Flotsam and Jetsam

The Democrats’ Senate majority is slip slidin’ away.

Paul is ahead. Rand, that is.

The sounds of silence are welcome. “Tensions between Israel and Islamic nations have scuttled plans by the U.N. atomic watchdog agency to convene talks this year on a Mideast free of nuclear weapons, according to a document shared with The Associated Press. The latest failure to bring the opposing sides to the table casts further doubt on plans to hold more substantive talks in two years on such a zone, as proposed by the U.N.’s 189-nation Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty conference four months ago.”

There must have been 50 reasons to leave their leader and vote no on ObamaCare. Now all Democrats can do is run away from their votes. “At least five of the 34 House Democrats who voted against their party’s health care reform bill are highlighting their ‘no’ votes in ads back home. By contrast, party officials in Washington can’t identify a single House member who’s running an ad boasting of a ‘yes’ vote — despite the fact that 219 House Democrats voted in favor of final passage in March.”

Troubled waters for Obama. No bridge in sight.

Still crazy after all these months, says John McCain, to have a troop-withdrawal deadline for Afghanistan: “You cannot tell the enemy you’re going to leave and expect the enemy to not — and expect to succeed. I mean, that’s just a fundamental of warfare. No military person advised the president to set 2011. He did it for political reasons, to take care of his left base. And no matter what the secretary of defense or anybody else says, the president again reiterated last Tuesday night that we would be leaving. And that is sending the wrong signals. And people in the region, both friends and enemies, are accommodating to that situation. … And that is playing with American lives in a way that I think is absolutely unacceptable.”

Where have you gone, mosque supporters? Maybe the subjects of their affection have proved impossible to defend. “One of the investors in a proposed Islamic center near ground zero is a Long Island medical clinic owner whose expressions of sympathy for Palestinians included a donation to a charity later shut down for links to Hamas.”

Obama claims he didn’t listen to the Glenn Beck rally. No surprise. He hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. Bill Kristol says he should pay more attention: “That certain portion of the country was ‘stirred up’ at the rally to express pride in America and faith in God. That certain portion of the country is about to show itself (at least for this election) as a majority of the country. If that majority is animated not just by limiting government or living within our means or getting power back to the people—important though those are—but is also moved by the notion of rededicating oneself to God and Country, it could well be a lasting majority.”