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Dems Still in a Funk

The latest Fox poll indicates Obama and the Democrats are continuing to slide. Obama’s approval (42 percent) and disapproval (52 percent) match the worst ratings of his presidency. The GOP generic lead is six points, and even more ominous, 22 percent of Democrats are very interested in the midterms, while 42 percent of Republicans are. Wow. (You can see why Obama is talking about the Citizens United and the evils of corporate money in his radio address — the Democrats have to engage their base, or the results will be disastrous.)

On the Bush tax cuts, the general proposition — extending the cuts — garners 63 percent approval. When asked about extending the Bush tax cuts for those making more than $250,000, voters narrowly disapprove. The opposition comes largely from Democrats, who, by huge margins, want to soak the rich.

To sum up, Obama is losing ground, his base is dispirited, and those most likely to vote in the midterms favor extension of all the Bush tax cuts. You can understand why all the Democrats want to talk about is Christine O’Donnell.