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Scenes from a Political Meltdown

Astounding news, courtesy of the Daily Caller:

Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert is slated to testify at a congressional hearing Friday on immigration titled “Protecting America’s Harvest,” two sources have told The Daily Caller. One Republican source said Colbert will be testifying “in character,” the Bill O’Reilly-like muse Colbert uses for his show A Judiciary Committee spokeswoman, confirming Colbert would testify, said the hearing matter was a “serious issue . . . this is not a TV stunt.”

I kind of doubt this will actually end up happening, because this is, to put it mildly, not the best moment for the party in power to include a piece of self-consciously ludicrous performance art in the political process they are in charge of and garnering huge media attention for doing so. But it does make one wonder: Are Democrats on Capitol Hill having a collective nervous breakdown?