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Bad to Worse

The Obami are now groveling with Bibi to extend the moratorium: please, please, 60 more days, and we won’t ask again! They throw in promises to do what any administration should do: veto UN resolutions against Israel (but just for a year), “accept the legitimacy of Israel’s security needs and not seek to redefine them,” agree Israel could leave forces “in the Jordan Valley for an extended period of time,” and agree to further upgrades of Israel’s “defense capabilities in the even the parties reach security arrangements.” It’s embarrassing that Obama should plead so in public and pathetic that he is essentially offering nothing more than what a pro-Israel administration would grant under ordinary circumstances.

And, of course, it is making matters worse. The Arab League has postponed a meeting with its minion Abbas. Why meet if Obama can bribe Israel for them?

This won’t end well. Either Bibi will rebuff Obama again, humiliating the administration, or he’ll agree, convincing the Palestinians that throwing a temper tantrum pays off. Either way, we’re no closer to “peace.” Before the Obama team pulls any more stunts like this, perhaps they should consult with someone who actually understands the Middle East. Plainly, there is no one in the current administration who does.