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LIVE BLOG: Chalk One Up for Haley Barbour

The Republicans’ Governors Association has taken up the slack from the mess that is the RNC under Michael Steele. Its chairman is taking  a bow in a just-released statement:

“Four years ago Republicans controlled just 22 governorships. The fact that we’ve already reached a majority tonight is a testimony to the four-year plan our governors and staff developed and executed,” said RGA Chairman Haley Barbour.  “Any other committee would be happy securing the majority because it is a major accomplishment, but we are hoping for more because Republican governors are so important to the future of our Party, and more importantly, America.”

Don’t think his stock didn’t just go up with the GOP base. Is he a viable presidential candidate? I think we’ll find out. The implicit message of a potential Barbour candidacy: maybe an experienced governor with the ability to raise gobs of money and showcase winning candidates wouldn’t be the worse choice for the party’s nominee.