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Bush Cancels Swiss Charity Trip Amid Arrest Fears

President Bush was forced to cancel a visit to Switzerland, where he was slated to be the keynote speaker at a Jewish Zionist charity gala next week, because he risked getting arrested for torture, Reuters is reporting:

Human rights groups said they had intended to submit a 2,500-page case against Bush in the Swiss city on Monday for alleged mistreatment of suspected militants at Guantanamo Bay, the U.S. naval base in Cuba where captives from Afghanistan, Iraq and other fronts in the so-called War on Terror were interned.

Leftist groups had also called for a protest on the day of his visit next Saturday, leading Keren Hayesod’s organizers to announce that they were cancelling Bush’s participation on security grounds — not because of the criminal complaints.

And it isn’t just foreign NGOs involved in this. Human Rights Watch reportedly helped draft the criminal complaint, which claims that Bush is guilty of war crimes because he admitted to ordering the waterboarding of terrorists at Guantanamo Bay.

Yes, this is the kind of nonsense human-rights groups are wasting their time on. President Bush can’t attend a Swiss charity event, but Hamas leaders can fly to Switzerland for meetings with government officials without fear.