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Pawlenty to Obama: ‘Stop Apologizing for Our Country’

During a fiery speech at CPAC today, Tim Pawlenty called on President Obama to stop apologizing for America and start standing with U.S. allies like Israel and the UK.

“When the United States of America projects its national security interests here and around the world, we need to do it with strength,” said Pawlenty, charging that the Obama administration’s policies “undermine” Israel, the UK, and Poland.

“We need to get tough with our enemies not our friends. And one more thing, Mr. President: stop apologizing for our country,” Pawlenty continued to a standing ovation accompanied by chants of “USA! USA!”

“The bullies, terrorists, and tyrants of the world have a lot of apologize for. America does not.”

Critics of Pawlenty say that he doesn’t have the charisma and enthusiasm to excite conservative voters, but the CPAC audience was loving his speech. If he keeps the level of passion that he brought to his address today, then he should be in good shape for 2012.