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Union Protester Berates Jewish FreedomWorks Employee: ‘You Are a Bad Jew!’

Some interesting footage from the union protest outside FreedomWorks’s D.C. headquarters has been hitting the Internet, and it’s shown the protesters to be less than civil. In one video yesterday, a new-media director at FreedomWorks was assaulted by a union worker, and now another clip shows a protester hysterically scolding a FreedomWorks employee for allegedly being a “bad Jew”:

As you can see from the video, the encounter began when one protester approached a group of FreedomWorks employees and insisted to know why none of them were minorities. When one of the employees noted that he was Jewish, a second protester approached and began screaming at him for being insufficiently Jewish.

So, apparently, if FreedomWorks doesn’t have any minority employees, that’s racist. And if it does have minority employees, then those individuals are traitors to their own people. With logic like that, is there any point in arguing with these people?