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Add Another $7.5 Million to the Wisconsin Protesters’ Tab

Only a few days into the Wisconsin protests, there were reports that it had already set taxpayers back around $9 million. And according to a local FOX affiliate in Wisconsin, add at least another $7.5 million to that number, because that’s apparently how much it’s going to cost the government to clean up the mountains of litter left by protesters at the scene:

It could cost as much as $7.5 million to repair damage protesters have done to the Capitol Building marble say officials in Madison. Fixing posters to the marble with tape and glue appears to have done the bulk of the damage.

During testimony Thursday, a representative from the Attorney General’s office said a contractor estimated it would cost $500,000 to remove all of the posters and garbage. He says it would cost $6 million to restore the marble inside of the Capitol building and another $1 million to touch up the marble outside of the building.

At Townhall, Katie Pavlich asks us to “Imagine how many teacher positions, textbooks and new computers the state could buy with $7.5 million.” Good point.

Not to mention the general thoughtlessness of the whole situation. Progressives like to see themselves as exceptionally altruistic compared with the rest of the population, but the protesters clearly weren’t concerned about who would have to clean up their mess after they left.